February Newsletter, 2016


Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter. Our purpose is to keep clients up-to-date on what’s happening at Over The Top Marketing and in the marketplace. Take an under the hood look at the team delivering results for businesses, review powerful case studies and read local marketing tips and advice that make a difference for our clients. Our aim is to help you get over the top! For more information about us visit overthetop.com.

Angie Province

Meet The Team: Angie Province

by Martin Henderson

It’s Friday morning and a Windows 10 update has overtaken Angie Province’s laptop. She’s going to be down for a couple of hours. Yet, rather than cursing Bill Gates–OK, maybe there was a little cursing–she did her computer work on her cell phone.

First Page Google Domination: Case Study

by Adam Campos

Results like this remind me of the days Over The Top was just an SEO company striving to rank client keywords on the first page of Google. That was roughly six years ago.

SEO still plays a role in OTT’s overall marketing approach, but since the old days we’ve added social media, paid advertisement, content publising, email marketing, call tracking, offers, technology and more.

Rank tracking is no longer something OTT focuses on because today there are too many variables out of our control. Rank reports are now just another tool we can refer to when troubleshooting our new and improved metric …Return On Investment (ROI).

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How to Respond to Bad Yelp Reviews

by Adam Campos

Do you hate or love Yelp?

If mentioning the most popular Internet review website makes your teeth grind, your heart beat faster and your body tense, it’s probably because you own a local business. How do I know this? Because I’m a small business owner who has had to answer to the brutally insensitive feedback Yelpers shout to the world with no thought of repercussion.

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Google’s Local Pack Shrinks to 3 in Update

by James Sunderland

In the ever-changing world of SEO there has been another update. Around Aug. 6th, Google updated their results page structure and user experience for localized queries. Here is a breakdown of changes we have observed and our take on new focus areas. For the search query “Dentist Lake Forest”, Google provided the following local result on desktop.

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Martin Henderson

Martin Henderson is editor at Over The Top Marketing; he spent 18 years at the Los Angeles Times and, in 2013 while working for Patch.com, was named Online Journalist of the Year by the Los Angeles Press Club.

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