A Client Success Story: Achieving First Page Domination on Google

Results like this (see image below) remind me of the days when Over The Top was just an SEO company striving to rank client keywords on the first page of Google. That was roughly six years ago.

SEO still plays a role in OTT’s overall marketing approach, but since the old days we’ve added social media, paid advertisement, content publising, email marketing, call tracking, offers, technology and more.

Rank tracking is no longer something OTT focuses on because today there are too many variables out of our control. Rank reports are now just another tool we can refer to when troubleshooting our new and improved metric …Return On Investment (ROI).

The irony of this post is that it demonstrates wonderful rank results even though we don’t focus on ranking.

The Client

The Joint … the chiropractic place in Glendale, Calif., opened its doors in September 2012. We began our digital marketing strategy 30 days prior to the grand opening. Paid campaigns brought immediate leads, and it took about six months for Glendale to begin ranking on the first page of Google for chiropractic-related terms. It took another few months to enter the local pack, and the results continued to get better, which is to say Glendale began climbing up the local pack while ranking on the first page of Google for more and more chiropractic phrases.

The following example is a testament of a beautiful marketing strategy working together and delivering results for The Joint in Glendale on many different levels. SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), Local SEO, Content Marketing and Review Acquisition — when properly done — can dominate search results.

SCreenshot of The Joint Glendale's rankingsThere are 15 possible listings on this Google results page for the query (search phrase) “chiropractor Glendale.” Of the possible 15 listings, The Joint Glendale occupies or is mentioned in seven.

Here is a breakdown of the results (In the headings of each section I highlight what OTT managed and what the clinic operator handled):

The Marketing Plan

No. 1: Adwords Set Up & Management by OTT
The first highlighted result is Google Adwords–Google’s pay per click feature. OTT set up targeted campaigns focused on high converting keywords. Settings for each campaign were carefully determined based on proximity, location and devices, such as mobile or desktop. Once Glendale’s Adwords campaigns gathered sufficient data we began to tweak, edit and test ads and settings to achieve better results than the previous period.

No. 2: Local Optimization Set Up & Management by OTT. Reviews Gathered by Clinic Operator
As you can see in the next listing, Glendale occupies the top spot in the local pack. The local pack went through a major revamp in August of 2015, shrinking from seven listings to three. Along with the change came a new nickname, the Snack Pack. For a detailed explanation of the Snack Pack change, read this post by our director of local SEO, James Sunderland.

Claiming the No. 1 spot in the Snack Pack does not accidentally happen. Google business optimization, onpage optimization, managing citations, collecting Google reviews and links from other local websites, competition, user preference and history, location (IP address/GPS) and time are all factors in Google’s Snack Pack ranking algorithm.

No. 3, 4 and, 5: Yelp Optimization & Yelp Ads Set Up by OTT. Rating & Reviews Gathered by Clinic Operator
Below the areas dedicated to Google Adwords and the Snack Pack begin the organic results. There are 10 organic listings per page and Glendale is mentioned in the top five. The first three organic listings are held by the web’s most popular review site, Yelp. Have you heard of it? Glendale’s Yelp account currently hovers at roughly one hundred reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

So how did The Joint receive the No. 1 spot in Yelp for “chiropractor” in Glendale? They collected more positive reviews than all other chiropractors in Glendale.

We created Glendale’s Yelp account and fully optimized it from the get-go so visitors had plenty of insightful information about the store. Yelp offers an enhanced business listing which we utilized as well as activating Yelp ads.

Glendale’s staff does an excellent job of verbally promoting its Yelp page to customers and, of course, providing excellent service.

Want to skyrocket your Yelp reviews? Read my post on how to respond to negative Yelp reviews and stay tuned for a new OTT feature coming soon, Code Name ARM. ARM will help collect positive Yelp reviews with no effort from you or your staff. Interested? Sign up for our newsletter for further updates.

No. 6: Website, SEO & Blog Content by OTT. Additional Unique Content & Internal Reviews Collected by Clinic Operator
The first listing that’s not an advertisement, snack pack or directory is the website we built for The Joint in Glendale. Because The Joint is a franchise with hundreds of locations, all with similar content on each website, we collected unique information about The Joint in Glendale for its website.

We also set up an internal review system where unique testimonials (all real, we don’t do fake reviews and testimonials) are included on the website. Fresh blog content was added weekly to keep Google’s spiderbots frequently visiting. Call tracking and lead capture forms were an integral part in capturing and attributing leads.

One of the largest obstacles we had to hurdle was how to get a brand-spanking new website to outrank local competitors with websites that have been online for 10 years. The above strategy worked. The manager of The Joint in Glendale also did an amazing job following our recommendations to join the local chamber of commerce and sponsor a local youth team, valuable links in the eyes of Google.

No. 7: The Joint Microsite Created by The Joint Corporate
The final listing is The Joint in Glendale’s webpage on the corporate website, thejoint.com. Every The Joint location has a webpage/microsite on the corporate website. While the website we built for Glendale began to rank in the sixth month of our marketing strategy, the corporate website didn’t hit the first page of Google for more than two years. Of course, all marketing efforts were pointing to the website we built and not the corporate site, which made a difference. The biggest problem with the corporate website was that there was no way to track and capture leads effectively and no way to optimize the webpage, which played a major role in our decision to build the Glendale store into a separate website.

Additional Inside Information From The Clinic Operator
As the clinic operator of The Joint in Glendale, I created a few strategic partnerships with local organizations, created helpful chiropractic Youtube videos featuring Glendale’s chiropractors, nurtured Facebook and Yelp, held social media contests, created helpful FAQ downloads for potential leads and existing patients. I recommend These additional efforts as I believe they helped support the digital marketing plan by OTT. Over a three year period I have probably spent close to $10k on giveaways, professional and self-shot videos, additional content, infographics and more.

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Adam Campos joined Over The Top Marketing in its infancy in 2009 shipping boxes. During downtime Adam studied SEO, link building and content creation to improve search results for OTT's eCommerce websites. Today Adam is Vice President of OTT and is also a small business owner. Read Adam's full bio on his personal blog, http://brickandmarketing.com/about/