Meet the Team: Angie Province

Angie Province has her hands on almost every element of the Over The Top Marketing process.

Angie Province has her hands on almost every element of the Over The Top Marketing process.

It’s Friday morning and a Windows 10 update has overtaken Angie Province’s laptop. She’s going to be down for a couple of hours. Yet, rather than cursing Bill Gates—OK, maybe there was a little cursing—she did her computer work on her cell phone.

When clients call Over The Top Marketing, or when they need advisement, when they need their hands held, it’s Province’s voice at the other end of the line using that very same cell phone.

She could be the mother hen of the loft-style office, but at 25, she hardly looks the part. She’s part of the Taylor Swift generation with a passion for ethics and exactness. It’s that commitment to quality on the front line that makes her the perfect person to be the face of OTT as its director of client services.

Angie is short for Angeleigha (pronounced an-jeh-LEE-uh), a product of Ahwatukee, Ariz., and an alumnus of Arizona State, where she majored in psychology. Her journey to OTT actually began when she was recommended by an acquaintance, The Joint Chiropractic VP of sales Chad Everts, to Chad Meisinger when the former learned Province and her fiance were moving to the Los Angeles area. Meisinger wanted to grow his presence as a Joint Chiropractic owner in the region. After a couple months as a wellness coordinator in the Lakewood clinic, she began working twice a week in Meisinger’s Lake Forest-based marketing business, Over The Top. Very quickly, it became a fulltime position. That was three years ago.

“When we explained things to her, she didn’t take the rote explanation, she wanted to know how to build the clock, not just learn how to set the alarm.”
— Chad Meisinger, Owner, Over The Top Marketing

“When we explained things to her, she didn’t take the rote explanation, she wanted to know how to build the clock, not just learn how to set the alarm,” Meisinger said. “The other thing I liked about her was she had a very deep feeling of accountability; when something doesn’t go right, she takes it personally rather than pointing the finger at other people. Both those qualities work well in customer service; she cares, and wants the customer to have the benefit of what we do because she believes in what we can do. But because she takes it personal when a customer isn’t happy, sometimes I have to build her back up.”

Brett Martin, who has been president of OTT only six months, often turns to Province for insight and feedback. One thing that has impressed him has been her unwavering commitment to accuracy and ethics.

“She’s extremely diligent and extremely honest—there’s no room for error,” Martin said. “She won’t tolerate anything else.”

Angie Province and Ryan Curtis, director of page search and project management, work with each other often.

Angie Province and Ryan Curtis, director of page search and project management, work with each other often in the company’s second-floor office.

It’s kind of her thing.

“We should do what’s right for our clients,” Province said. “I will always be an advocate for them and hold us accountable for what we say we’re going to do.”

She takes that role so seriously because the client isn’t in the OTT office, Province explained, and because “they’re paying us and entrusting us with their money and their marketing, and their company success, and a lot of them see that there’s a huge influence in what marketing can do for their growth and new patient counts. In some ways, they attribute marketing—what we do, the digital side—to be the highest form of generation of new patients, so there’s a lot of pressure on us to ensure we are holding up to that standard and educating them on the other aspects that can contribute to new patient growth.”

Yes, Province is the voice on the other end of the phone, but she does a lot more.

“She is responsible for the on-boarding of any new customer,” Martin explained. “She supports the project management of all the various pieces in play here – websites, landing pages, all their social media whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, we go to Yelp and their Adwords; she helps to ensure their Google Plus and Yahoo and Bing listings are done; makes sure the SEO team has all the info it needs, and at the end of the day wraps all of it up into a cohesive package making sure everybody has what they need to deliver the OTT product: An integrated, complete, holistic digital marketing package for a small business.

“Once she’s done all that and it’s launched, she’s then the face of it. If they have questions, if they have concerns, if they want to know about their digital spend, if any of that comes up, she’s going to be on the front lines. She’s going to be who they call and she’s going to take care of their concerns and their needs or any changes they want to make to their plan. So, at the end of the day, she really is that: She plays an important part of the overall success of that client.”

Province monitors the client on a one-to-one basis, collaborating with each department to analyze numbers such as digital leads, conversion rates, cost per lead, is it normal for their industry, etc., and how it compares over the first 90 days or first six months with other OTT clients. Then she shares it with the client.

“We have a lot of metrics and we’re able to really quickly get out of the gate and understand what works, what doesn’t work, and Angie is  responsible for communicating it to the customer,” Martin said. “She’s looking at all the numbers coming in from all the different groups at OTT. She’s the one who puts it all together. We can do the greatest job in the world, but if our client doesn’t know we’re doing a great job, then no one benefits. Angie not only does a great job herself, but is able to explain to the clients the type of job we’re doing here at OTT and what’s working and what’s not.”

It’s a big job, to be sure.

“I work with every single person in this office and I have to wear a lot of hats,” Province said. “I don’t mind it.

“I’m the kind of person, if I don’t have an answer, it follows me home. I don’t let problems go easily.”

Which is why she is such a dedicated problem solver. Even if she has to use her phone.

Angie Province has a fascination with an unusual element of society. She also digs caves and yogurt.

Angie Province has a fascination with an unusual element of society. She also digs caves and yogurt.


What’s in your fridge that you have to have?

Greek yogurt. I feel like it’s so good for your body to have the probiotics and it has a really good protein count for being a light and fit yogurt. I’m not a health nut, but I really like yogurt.

Is there anything you can’t be caught without (not including your phone)?

Chapstick. Or lotion. Chapped skin is the most awful sensation to me. When my hands are really dry, or my lips are really dry, I’m fidgeting trying to find ways to get moisture onto my skin.

Not including family members, you can have dinner with any four people living or dead. Who would they be?

I really like Taylor Swift because I have a lot of respect for her music, the way she handles herself. She’s inspiring. I’m 25, I think she’s 26. I would say (Ivan) Pavlov. I studied psychology in school and have a fascination with the original psychologists and a fascination with the human psyche in terms of serial killers and why they commit the crimes they do. My table would probably be filled with psychologists or serial killers, just so I could psychoanalyze them; Ted Bundy got around in a little Volkswagen pretending his arm was broken luring women into his car—that’s so fascinating. Anthony Hopkins, I love his acting, especially in things like Hannibal – it probably goes back to the serial killers. It’s just so fascinating the way he can convey these twisted things and capture an audience. He’s also a composer of classical music, and I played violin for 13 years. Shakespeare, Freud, Einstein would be interesting. I also like Mindy Kaling. Will Smith, which I think goes back to my childhood; I love Will Smith and thought if I ever had the opportunity to meet him, I’d jump on it immediately. But for the fourth, you can pull a name out of a hat.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

Spelunking. It was in Belize in a cave called ATM and it was like the Mayan underworld. There were ruins of pottery, skeletons, pretty fascinating. Crawling through tight spaces, up to your neck in water, squeezing through massive rocks; it was the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done.

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