OTT Launches Weekly Broadcast to Benefit The Joint Franchise Partners

Scott Hargis served as director and Chad Meisinger served as presenter for Over The Top Marketing’s first live broadcast.

Whew, that’s out of the way. Over The Top Marketing successfully broadcast live its first episode in which we share with our franchisee partners what’s taking place in the digital marketing landscape and how we’re leveraging that for the benefit of our clients at The Joint Chiropractic.

“I appreciate everyone who joined us for this first ride, I appreciate all those who stuck it out to the end, and I appreciate everyone who engaged with us the final 10 minutes of the broadcast and the hours after it ended,” said Chad Meisinger, CEO of Over The Top. “Doing something live while at the mercy of technology is not easy, and we suffered a few growing pains, but it was invaluable experience as we dial in on creating ‘must-see TV’ in the future.”

If Meisinger was the driving force behind the OTT Weekly Video Series, client advocate Scott Hargis was the plow horse who brought it to fruition. Together, they combined for more than 100 man hours that went into producing the inaugural event, although there were many others within OTT who had contributing roles.

These live episodes of the Over The Top Weekly Video Series will be broadcast, generally, about every week on Thursdays, 1 p.m. PST (4 p.m. Eastern). However, Episode 2 will be March 2; it will cover Search Engine Optimization.

Episode 1 was largely an overview that went longer than expected, about an hour (again, growing pains), but each subject can be a standalone episode in itself and will be narrowed in focus to about 20-30 minutes. We’ll be sure to expand on those subjects so that our franchisee partners get the full benefit of our expertise, and get the time element to a manageable time so that it’s efficient and becomes appointment viewing.

Meisinger, as presenter, hinted at what he intends to do in the future, which includes bringing on experts from Google, Facebook and Yelp, for example, as well as broadcasting remotely from The Joint Chiropractic’s corporate office and franchise locations throughout the county.

Among those who were part of Episode 1 were Joe Aeppli, Director of Digital Marketing and Creative at The Joint, who discussed the new website; Ben Crawford, who had an 83 percent conversion rate after implementing some of OTT’s suggestions after the company conference (even though he missed the conference, he called us to ask what he missed and what he needed to do); and Jason Brown, OTT’s SEO guru.

Clients can view the presentation by clicking this link.

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