OTT’s Beach Day: Sun, Sand and Sea

OTT staff at beach day 2018.

The staff of Over The Top Marketing went off-site on August 17, but rather than gather around a conference table to go over ideas and concepts, they gathered at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and soaked in some sun and good times.

Chad Meisinger, CEO of OTT, wipes out while COO Neil Sinay looks on.

CEO Chad Meisinger’s beach rental was the site of the fun and frivolity as the team recharged its batteries during a summer in which they recently completed the launch of two new clients, Amazing Lash Studios and Modern Acupuncture.

“This was a great opportunity for us to get together as a group without all the pressures that accompany our daily lives,” Chad said. “I want us to be a strong, vibrant company, and it’s important that these hardworking people have an opportunity in which they had to come into work, and work had to be lounging at the beach. They could have gone into the office instead.”   

New junior programmer Matt Ipavec was included, even though his official first day wasn’t until Aug. 20.

“I appreciated the invite,” Matt said. “It made me feel more welcome, met people without pressure. It was a no-brainer to show up. I could tell everyone got along. It’s important to have a good work culture and that was apparent. You could tell people got along, that ‘We really enjoy being here.’ It was a great way to learn everyone’s name because I’m stuck in a separate room.”

The millennials at OTT spend some time together as part of their required workday.

Although some shop talk may have existed, the day was meant to be a stress-free team-building opportunity with a catered lunch from Olamendi’s Mexican Restaurant in Dana Point. In addition to a very warm day in the water that included Chad and SEO guru Jason Brown getting wiped out while waves in unseasonably warm water, there was billiards, foosball and shuffleboard in the garage.

At one point, more than half the staff enjoyed a seaside cigar.

OTT staff enjoys a cigar during its 2018 beach day in Dana Point.

“This was something I’ve never been to before at anyplace I’ve worked,” said client services advocate Cynthia Zamudio, who joined OTT about a month earlier. “It was great to have a team-building event like that outside the work environment. It was great to learn about people on a more personal level.”

OTT’s ocean view during its beach day in Dana Point, Aug. 17, 2018.

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