Customer Experience – Journey

Over The Top builds solutions for franchisors, franchisees and business owners of local businesses. We have extensive expertise working with companies whose businesses offer:

  • Membership-Based Services
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial & Real Estate Services

Let’s Take a Walk

The only way to truly experience OTT is to step into the shoes of another business owner.
Meet Cara. Cara is an entrepreneur – a self-starter, a motivational boss, and a pretty darn good sales professional (sound familiar?). Cara owns 10 Medi Spas franchises in the Southwest and spends most of her time running the day-to-day operations of her business.

Cara views marketing with some apprehension…and annoyance. Pay-per-click (PPC) programs, Groupon, Facebook, Yelp, and online advertising have been a drain on her budget and time. Consistent and correct branding across her locations has been a challenge – she just doesn’t have the bandwidth to make sure the name, logo, phone numbers and hours of operation are correct for each location across every online directory. And attempts by Cara and her employees to make Facebook and Twitter posts have been sporadic and occasionally less than professional.

Even worse, she’s not seeing any return on her marketing investments and has become overwhelmed by the effort and wholeheartedly underwhelmed by the results.

Enter Over The Top

Cara has just joined forces with Over The Top – let’s join her in her journey.

  • After an in-depth discovery session to gain an understanding of Cara’s business, buyers, previous marketing efforts, and overall business objectives, the OTT team gets started.
  • A new brand-compliant website is built in less than four weeks – fully optimized with keywords.
  • After analyzing Cara’s PPC budget, the OTT team recommends she lower her monthly spend and do more segmentation and targeting. OTT sets up each of Cara’s Medi Spa locations and customer segments with a custom landing page and custom phone number, so every lead is tracked from origin to close.
  • OTT introduces Cara to the OTT Dashboard – in one glance, on one page, Cara gets a snapshot of her marketing spend, leads, and revenue. No digging required.
  • Cara’s Yelp profile only has two reviews, yet she has a throng of raving fans. Using OTT’s Amplified Review Management system, Cara can survey customers then automatically encourage happy customers to post feedback to Yelp with just a few clicks.
  • OTT helps Cara deploy a new direct mail campaign with customized landing pages for each location and each customer segment. Every phone call, click, and response is recorded and measured.

So, Where Did this Journey Take Cara?

Great news in only two months, Cara is on page one of Google for four very competitive keyword search strings. She has reduced her PPC spend and increased conversions. Her direct mail campaign has generated a 5% response rate, and Cara can quickly pinpoint the segments that performed best thanks to tracking codes. She also increased her Yelp reviews to 20, with a 4.8 average star rating. This has culminated in 20 new clients and a 50 to 1 ROI.

Cara used to spend about 20 hours per month on marketing – stressing over PPC bids, keywords, website copy, and promotions. Now, she spends two hours a month reviewing her dashboard to make future investment decisions. Overall, Cara is better informed and can gain clear and easy insight into which locations are performing, which segments are buying, and which campaigns are generating the most results.

When Cara talks about her business’ marketing, she gets excited because her conversations center on results, revenue, new customers, and customer satisfaction. Cara can now focus on running her business and keeping her customers happy while OTT focuses on running her digital marketing and keeping Cara happy.

Now that you have experienced Cara’s journey, take one of your own and schedule a personalized demo of the OTT Platform.

The OTT Difference

  • We listen to you, how your company works, and we make every account personal
  • We approach every client solution with their end goal in mind
  • We develop compliant franchise marketing
  • Our ad spending is not financially motivated because we don’t get a percentage of your spend
  • Our solution is easy to follow and use with one-on-one support and a dedicated success manager
  • You have access to an easy-to-read and use real-time marketing dashboard that shows you the specific ROI of every marketing dollar