Our Story

Over The Top Marketing is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur and ex-Googler Chad Meisinger. Originally created to promote and market his local and e-commerce businesses, Meisinger focused on results-driven marketing and delivering over-the-top feedback and return on investment. Integration and automation allowed OTT to leverage and track ROI across all marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media.

After developing a system and platform that successfully tracked a lead practically from first impression to purchase — whether from the Web, social media, or the newspaper — news of what OTT was doing quickly spread. Friends, acquaintances and business associates were knocking at the door requesting OTT’s innovative marketing services. After much consideration and time, Meisinger agreed to do business with select clients, mainly in the franchise and multi-location local business markets.

Today, OTT specializes in marketing automation, full-service digital marketing, franchise marketing solutions, AdWords, social media, email marketing, SEO and local SEO, POS integration, content marketing, lead generation, call tracking, review amplification and website development.

With roots in maximizing marketing dollars and staying focused on ROI, OTT treats each client and business owner as if they were doing marketing for one of Meisinger’s businesses. It ensures the client gets the highest level of consideration and is treated like family — because they are. When we do business, we go Over The Top because that’s who we are and what we stand for.