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Digital Marketing is critical for your franchise. According to google, 97% of consumers use the internet to search for local business. Yet, making your way through the dizzying maze of yelp, Google rankings, AdWords, Promotions, and Advertising can be time consuming and frustrating – especially when you have no insight into what’s working and, equally important, what’s not working. Over The Top is a Digital Marketing platform and service provider focused on managing and controlling the online presence of franchisors and franchisees of local businesses from one easy-to-use interface so you can:

  • Attract Customers:

    Attract new customers through targeted and optimized online marketing programs and reputation management.

  • Grow Revenue:

    Grow the lifetime value of your customers by leveraging automated nurture and retention campaigns through email, SMS, voice and direct mail.

  • Reduce Cost:

    Cut costs by automating many daily management tasks and identifying real time service issues that need attention.

  • Delight clients:

    Make it a two-way conversation by providing your customers the forum to provide feedback on a consistent basis.

  • visualize & Measures:

    Through our innovative platform you get inside your marketing programs with a real-time view of campaigns, leads and ROI.

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Manage Reviews

Obtain reviews and see all of them in one place. Through our Amplified Review Management tool, we create an opportunity to get in front of every customer, ensuring your happy customers are sharing their experiences and unsatisfied customers are getting the attention needed to turn them into raving fans. We monitor the following review sites on a daily basis for new reviews: Yelp, Google, Facebook, Zillow, and Trulia.

Digital Leads

View the leads OTT has generated for your business and identify the campaign source. Digital advertising is one of the quickest ways to reach potential customers, but can potentially put a huge dent in your advertising budget. Our experienced team has the knowledge and understanding of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to engineer your online campaigns to maximize the value of each and every click, while overseeing your entire Digital Spend Management (DSM).


Identify the total revenue generated vs. your campaign spend. Manage and measure all your promotions in one central location with targeted campaigns and detailed lead tracking. We fully customize and segment your promotions to give you pinpoint accuracy in your marketing efforts – by location, channel and customer segment. Know the source of each and every lead and follow them through the lifecycle from prospect to customer or consumer.

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